Celebrate & Support California Fisheries

Celebrating World Oceans Day

There are 840 miles of coastline in California with waters rich in healthy, sustainable seafood. Due in part to the Magnuson-Stevens Act, a science-based framework for management, US fisheries are generally abundant and well managed.

Woman holding tuna
Heidi Rhodes of H&H Fresh Fish


This World Oceans Day, Pescavore Seafood hopes to help bring attention to the availability and diversity of seafood harvested in California’s bountiful waters through the lens of our local fishermen, fisherwomen and producers. We encourage you to join us on this visual journey and commit to taking direct action to ensure a future of healthy oceans, while preserving the heritage and vitality of our working waterfronts.


Fire in a boat harbor


The San Francisco Crab Boat Fisherman’s Association

In the early morning hours of May 23rd a 4 alarm fire rang out at San Francisco’s historic Pier 45 destroying millions of dollars in commercial fishing gear. The majority of these losses have not and may not be covered by insurance. Learn more from KQED.org. Longtime crabber and fisherman Nick Krieger watched his dreams and more than $100,000 of his equipment purchased over the last 12 years burn in the inferno. This film is Nick in his own words.

Prior to this disaster, the Washington Post accurately predicted that many US fisherman would not survive the coronavirus economy. In the words of San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who represents Fisherman’s Wharf , “[the] business of crabbing is an inextricable part of what San Francisco is. It’s part of our reputation and our economy.”

At the time this newsletter was written, the San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association collected less than 10% of the goal to raise $1MM for disaster relief.


Pescavore tuna snacks in a lunch cooler

H&H Fresh Fish of Santa Cruz, California

For 17 years, this family owned business has served the Santa Cruz and greater Bay Area Communities by bringing healthy, local seafood from dock to table.


Collage of tuna being prepared and made into a meal
Hans Haveman of H&H Fresh Fish


Learn more in this heartfelt story of living simply with gratitude and in harmony with the ocean and the community:



Aerial view of a lot of boats docked in a harbor


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Surfer holding a surfboard on a cliff overlooking the ocean
Pescavore Big Wave Surfing Ambassador Wilem Banks

Pescavore Seafood of Santa Cruz, California

Healthy Oceans Seafood Company, the owner of the brand Pescavore, provides premium, sustainably harvested and resource-smart wild seafood products. A first of its kind innovation, these smoked ahi tuna and sockeye salmon strips are a 1.5 oz single serve, shelf stable, whole muscle cut portion. Every nutritious strip contains 14-15 grams of real food protein, and heart and brain healthy omega-3s. The company’s mission is to produce seafood products that consumers can trust while helping hard-working American fishermen, and coastal communities thrive.

Co-founder, Matthew Owens, started his career in sustainable seafood as a rural aquaculture extension agent with Peace Corps, Zambia. He now leads the industry in promoting responsible tuna fisheries management and social protections. Hear Matt’s story about how Pescavore came to be:



A boat leaving the harbor


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